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Animal Pest Management

Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. (APM) is Southern California’s leading authority on precision pest management for effectively solving animal and insect pest problems in our urban environment. Our resident biologists are experts in Animal and Insect Damage Management.

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Our Approach

If any wildlife or insect problems have caused you stress or frustration, you part of a growing number of unhappy citizens that are facing an increase in animal & insect pest problems.

  • Fast and accurate pest identification.
  • Assessment of existing and potential damage.
  • Survey for conditions attracting the pest.
  • Survey of all on-site environmental factors.
  • Development of integrated pest management procedures.
  • Implementation of a precision pest management program with minimal environmental impact.
  • Monitor program for effectiveness.
  • Implement maintenance program to prevent re-infestation problems.

Management Methods

All of the following methods we use are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, Fish and Wildlife, and Animal Damage Control Agencies.