Our Story

The company was formed as Agricultural Pest Control Services, Inc. in October 1982. It was then incorporated in 1985, and in July 1991, officially became Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. The company had evolved into what we really did- vertebrate pest management in urban areas rather than crop production. We specialize in vertebrate pest management and have been servicing all of Southern California’s urban areas for 35 years. A.P.M. specializes exclusively in animal and insect pest problems that are disturbing to individuals or damaging to cities, homeowner associations with landscaping, turf, pets; or pests that carry disease.

Our Dedicated Customers

Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. is the largest independent locally owned and operated company in Southern California working exclusively to solve urban pest problems. We have been providing pest management services to a variety of federal, state and local governmental agencies, as well as municipalities including parks, highways, schools, water districts, ports, institutional grounds, and airports. Additionally, homeowners, property management companies, and over 550 homeowner associations use our services. Other clients include private businesses such as landscapers, nurseries, office complexes, warehouses, and golf courses.

Our Staff

We are a corporation owned and operated by a University graduate who majored in Biology and Pest Management with an emphasis on Animal Damage Management. All our technicians are state certified Pesticide Applicators, extensively trained in-house with state approved continuing education training programs in pest I.D., damage recognition, management methods and safety. APMS develops programs that are ecologically sound and as humane and publicly acceptable as possible. With our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) companywide program, we use the least amount of pesticide (soft chemicals) to complete the job.

Corporate Office

The corporate office is located in Chino and is a 22 thousand square foot office/warehouse. Our company also owns its entire fleet of service trucks, has never missed payroll for its employees since, has never filed bankruptcy, closed any offices, nor merged with any other companies. We have the resources and expertise to handle any pest management problem that our diverse customer base requires. Our corporate is equipped with seven (7) office staff employees dedicated to handling all of your work orders and service requests.

Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. also has a 2-hour emergency response time, 7 days a week/365 days a year!
Excluding San Diego County and the deserts. Emergency response time may vary in these locations.

The Animal Pest Management Team

Dan fox

Dan Fox

President & Urban Wildlife Biologist

rick duffy

Rick Duffy

Chief Operating Officer & Termite Division Manager

brent sherman

Brent Sherman

Area Manager – Los Angeles, Riverside Counties, & San Bernardino Counties

cameron mcnee

Cameron McNee

Area Manager – Orange & San Diego Counties

Ron Moore

Ron Moore

Assistant Area Manager – Los Angeles, Riverside, & San Bernardino Counties

melisa hernandez

Melisa Hernandez

Office Manager

brenda pond

Brenda Pond

Customer Service Supervisor

glenn fox

Glenn Fox

Inside Sales

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