90% of all Homeowner Associations (HOAs) in urban areas are infected by Africanized bees. Africanized bees are much more aggressive and are hard to differentiate from honey bees.

How do Honey Bees Attack?

Honey Bees swarm primary when the colony size gets too large for the hive space or the queen begins to wane or fail. A new queen is produced and the old queen leaves with a large number of workers. Swarms first move to a temporary site such as a tree branch, consist of a hollow tree, hollow wall, attic, etc., and typically some place which is sheltered from the weather. Once bees enter and establish in a wall or attic they need to be controlled or attic they need to be controlled. Honey bee live removal services are available and they can be relocated for an additional charge.

Bee Service Call Response Time

Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. has a 2-hour response time for all bee service calls within Orange County and the Inland Empire. An Urban Wildlife technician will arrive on site within two hours to inspect the area and provide bee control services. Excluding San Diego County and the deserts. Emergency response time may vary in these locations.

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