Ants are on the most successful groups of insects. They are social insects that live in colonies which are usually located in the ground, but may enter buildings for shelter and food. Ants feed practically on every kind of food, but those entering homes are looking for sweets and/or protein based substances. The most commonly encountered ground nesting ants are Arentine Ant, Pravement Ant, Little Black Ant, Velvety Tree Ant, and Fire Ants.

The Argentine Ant

The Argentine Ant is the most common insect we are asked to provide service for by our customers. The Argentine Ant is native to Brazil and Argentina and is found throughout the southern United States and California. Large colonies are formed in the soil in yard and common slope areas near moisture sources such as sprinklers, valve boxes and standing water. Argentine Ants also can nest in wall voids and under the foundations of homes. It is quite common for nests and colonies to be interconnected with each other. They feed on a variety of foods like meats, eggs, vegetable oils, and sweets.

Ant Control

Control of ants in common area landscaping is done with the use of baits and/or insecticide sprays. Baits are used more often due to the fact that the residual is longer than sprays and the granules can be taken back to the nest to control the larvae and the queen. This is an advantage since the colonies divide in the summer and form many nests, which may not be found. We take advantage of their habit, so trails are seen several days after application while they are gathering food and feeding their colony. Sprays work well when a quick knock down is needed. Keep in mind; environmental factors such as excess moisture and heat affect the longevity of control.

Ant Control Services

Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. offers full service general pest control programs for our customers. This includes, but is not limited to, Ants, Crickets, Earwigs and Silverfish. The majority of Animal Pest Management Services, Inc.’s work is targeted at large scale problems where integrating precision pest management is of the utmost importance. Our experience includes control programs for parks, school districts, developers, homeowners associations, golf courses, water districts, landscapers, Cal Trans and the National Forest Service.

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